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BMBG Model Boats Newsletter

June 2016 :  The 100th edition of the BMBG Model Boats Newsletter was their final however most previous copies are available in our archives here.

The group is still active and currently seeking a new editor. Their website can be accessed via this link

Hot off the Press

16th October 2016


Drones, or as they are known more accurately, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) are becoming a greater but mostly unseen part of life in Tasmania.

They are rapidly becoming our personal assistants; seeing colours beyond our perception, views from on high, traversing ravines, climbing buildings, checking high voltage power lines, delivering lifesaving equipment and even mapping completely dark mine shafts.

Enter Dronefest, a community festival by the Rotary Clubs of Bellerive and Howrah designed to explore the many facets of drone use from the professional to the hobbyist.

A recent survey in Tasmania revealed the workforce involved in the drone industry totals 53 full-time equivalents and rising.

Careers within the drone industry cover disciplines as diverse as:  engineering, computer programing, botany, agriculture, forestry, surveying, photography, photo interpretation, engine manufacture and piloting.

“The quantum leap with drone use is that they can achieve these feats cheaply and without endangering lives,” said Mayor of Clarence and Airforce Pilot (ret) Alderman Doug Chipman. “As battery storage capacity continues to improve and computer technology gets smarter the range of tasks a drone can perform grows exponentially. You can even order a pizza by drone in Victoria.”

Whilst the use of drones is a worldwide phenomenon, Tasmania has a special place at the vanguard of their development with one company manufacturing highly specialised drones for the North American market and nine others leading the way with their innovations.

Dronefest features displays from University of Tasmania, CSIRO, Defence Dept, and 8 commercial businesses. These displays will include the surreal drones used in the many activities.

There is also a series including talks by a range of experts, as well as outdoor flying demonstrations by hobby drones.

It’s a free, family festival that explores the emergent facets of this intriguing new field.


Lauderdale Primary School Grounds and Hall

October 15, 10am-4pm


1st August 2016

Seven new videos from various MMACA Exhibitions at the Derwent Entertainment Centre between 1993 & 2003 have been added to the Galleries page. More will be added as further footage is uncovered.

The majority of this exhibition video coverage was filmed by Ian Simpson, a Model Train enthusiast, hence the slant towards that side of the shows. Great historical coverage none the less and definitely worth a look.

BRMA Model Train Layouts

Please visit the Galleries Page for the latest BRMA videos and historical photos from Brian

The Galleries page has recently been updated with over 300 historical modelling photos from the private collection of our MMACA President - Brian Johnson. When viewing please remember that most of these photos were taken long before digital cameras existed, digital reproduction of small photos often leaves quality a bit lacking but they are still valuable archives.

Amsterdam Tug Build

Click Here for a contribution from RCToysTasmania member Dave (Snit).

He has just spent the last 10 months or so building a magnificent scale model of the Amsterdam Tug. He tells me that around 1/3 to 1/2 of the build is from the kit and the rest is scratch built (because evidently the kit is not that great in some areas).

As is usual with Dave's models, this one is full of electronics and from memory uses somewhere between 16 & 20 RC channels to control all the features & functions. He uses a Taranis 2.4ghz transmitter linked to 3 receivers (2 x 8 channel & 1 x 4 channel), the model also has FPV cameras (and a 3 way video switcher) onboard.

The video was shot recently with "Amsterdam - Hobart" on her maiden voyage.

It would be great if this area could be updated weekly with a new video or hot topic from one or other of the MMACA affiliated clubs but we need YOUR help to make it happen.

Please submit your latest project or video to the MMACA via this link for inclusion.

Come on guys & gals, here is the perfect opportunity to promote your club and its activities, all we need is a link to your latest video exploits & a few words to go along with it.

We are also after new photo content for the galleries pages. These will naturally be credited to the group/club/individual supplying them. Video links & photos can be submitted directly to the WebMaster via this link


2015 Model Train Show

The Model Train Show has continued to be held every year (last reported on this website in 2008 due to website editing issues) and has always raised considerable funds for the Glenorchy Lions Club Charities. The total is now well in excess of $50,000.00.

The Model Train Show continued to be held at the Hobart Show Ground until 2013 where due to an error on the part of the Show Society with our booking we were forced to quickly find another location to run the event.

One of the BRMA members (David Beck) suggested the possibility of the Transport Museum in Glenorchy and when it was realised that they had recently built a new building with funds granted by the Federal Government of the day we had solved our problem. While the actual total space was less than the Show Ground it gave us the opportunity to put on the Model Train Show and have real trains, both Steam and Diesel, running and providing rides for the public at the same time.

The one ticket price covered all and the public obviously thought it was great as they attended in large numbers.

The Model Train Show has been held there ever since and we anticipate it remaining there for the foreseeable future. The event has been moved to August and now for the convenience of parking is held on the weekend where there is no State AFL game being played on the adjacent King George V oval.

The 2015 event was probably the best yet with 22 working layouts ranging in gauge from “N” to “G” and a static live steam display plus a “OO” gauge entry from Victoria.  While our patron counter system let us down we estimate three thousand people streamed through the entrance keeping those on the counter very busy all of both days.

The committee has changed due to both age and new involvement and now consists of representatives from the BRMA - Tas, Glenorchy Lions Club and the Tasmanian Transport Museum Society Inc.

A total of $10,600 was raised for charity!

Brian Johnson

BRMA Southern Tas. Area Representative & President MMACA

2012 MMACA Exhibition

22nd September 2015: The Model Makers and Collectors Assocation Exhibition scheduled for March 2012 never happened for several reasons. To read more click here.

Future developments

MMACA is working to develop a unique model park at Goodwood in Hobart's northern suburbs. The first stage, involving clubrooms and two model car tracks, has been completed. To view story of how it came to be click here. A plan of how the finished park will look and a map showing how to get there are also on the Model Park page.

Boulder Creek Tramway
The Boulder Creek Tramway is a 7¼" (184mm) gauge miniature bush railway that is currently under construction at Howden, approximately 15 minutes south of Hobart in Tasmania. For more information and to follow the progress of construction click here

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