Some time following our formation, application was made to the Glenorchy City Council for land to build a Model-operating park. Several areas were examined and after many technical hitches Goodwood Park was finally chosen.

Full approval was received and work commenced. Money is of course the big handicap and every avenue of finance will be explored and exploited. "The Tasmanian Community Fund" granted us enough money to build stage one. More money will be sought from all levels of Government and the commercial sector will be exhaustively pursued. By and large the inflow of money will govern the speed with which the project is completed.


The park will have a large fresh water lake measuring 103mtr X 35mtr X .9mtr, two r/c car tracks, one gravel, the other asphalt. Recently permission has been granted for Rock Crawling (R/C four wheel drive cars & buggies) to operate on the park

A noise level of 90 decibels at 3 metres has been set for all operating Models on the Model Park.

A new building has been placed on site adjacent to the existing amenities building. This serves as a meeting room and it is possible that some indoor Modelling activities e.g. Model Trains will take place there.

The MMACA has undertaken to manage the park at weekends and public holidays but weekdays may at times be unsupervised. In our absence we are hopeful that appropriate signage will deter any noisy operator.

Our membership at present numbers some 150 people ranging in age from eight to eighty and indeed this is the range of ages of most operators.

It is unlikely that any more than thirty or forty people are likely to be at the park at any one time but there will be the occasion of perhaps a State Championship that will bring more. On these occasions Council has given us permission to use the car park on the corner of Howard Rd. and Negara Cres.

Council has set our operating times from 9am to 6pm daily.

Equally we would like the community to recognize that Model Making and operating is very much an educational hobby having a variety of skills involved along with the need to understand basic physics. So the usual practitioner is either fairly bright or anxious to learn. This is why the hobby has a great
 attraction to young people who are looking for a rewarding hobby. The MMACA has undertaken to foster this youthful interest to the fullest.

The MMACA is an incorporated body and has full Public Liability Insurance in place for members using the Model Park

Progress report

Stage 1 is now complete. For details of the Official Opening,
click here.

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